mercredi 9 décembre 2009

She's a Killer

Ashley Olsen is pure style. I adore her.
Oh, and that is my Zara studded bah. It's lovely but all the studs are falling. It's kind of a copy of Alexander Wang's one, but I love it anyway.

Santo Domingo

So, talking about fashion icons, I can never chose. I've got these major inspirations (The Olsens, K.Moss, all the models, Diane Kruger, Kate Bosworth, & The Vogue Paris team, and so on) but then, there are those rare pearls that you discover while flicking round . And one of them is the beautiful Lauren Santo Domingo of the Vogue USA. This girl is so natural and classy. She's got a pure and simple style, quite classical. I usually like more extreme styles but when I see her, I always think of the aristocratic chic. She's great.

Those pretty girls.

I've had this obsession with tropics lately, and it's lasting as I've even named a file on my computer " Summer on the tropics". And that is exactly what I have in mind right now. I'm looking forward to easter vacation when I can finally go to some place hot, sunny and with white sand beaches. So, today I'm posting these pictures all about summer and tropics, how not. I'll be posting a lot of Vogue Paris editorials soon. I think the only good point about living in my cold little country is that I can find Vogue Paris everywhere and I don't have to search for hours on the Fashion Spot for their amazing editorials.